Monday, August 31, 2009

Memories of the summer

Two of our "babies" got married - now Michael and Heather Whitmire!
More of our "babies" - Morgan, Kaitlyn, Brittney, Autumn, Holly and Madison.
The youngest baby - Jett!

Our "family" - Brady and Beth Cornelison, David and Chelle Whitmire, and Michael Whitmire!

It's been quite a while since I've updated the blog, but I came across these photos from a couple of weeks ago.....they were a reminder of what a sweet summer this was. Here are just a few highlights of our time as a family!

  • JT was able to spend 3 1/2 weeks in Arizona and 2 weeks in Africa.
  • Our whole family along with most of our small group spent a week ministering in the dump of Guatemala.
  • Sweet, extended prayer times with our small group that blessed our lives immensely.
  • Playing at the pool with friends!
  • Piano camp for Madison with some of her great friends.
  • Student Life Camp for Kaitlyn - her first extended youth trip.
  • Student Life Camp for kids camp for Madison - little sleep but she loved it!
  • A special time of dependence on Christ and His sustaining power!
We were able to top off the summer with a trip to Indiana for Heather and Michael's wedding. What a beautiful time to spend time with friends and family! What a blessing for us to witness God's divine power and purpose in their lives as two individuals became one. It was a glorious time! Thank you Jesus for this summer....we are blessed beyond belief!

We are eager to get all of the kids from Divine Grace Ministries on our website soon. People will be able to sponsor children - $40 a month covers room and board (some currently walk many miles a day to go to school), tuition, fees, books and a uniform! Psalm 67 tells us why we are is NOT FOR is so that His glory can be spread to the nations and so that His name will be known on all the earth. What a tangible way to spread the Gospel message!