Friday, May 28, 2010

His Mercies are New....

Today was the day. We were leaving for Guatemala City to leave our friends, Greg and Kathy Brown, as missionaries. We were taking 32 people on a mission trip. But, it didn't happen. I'm sitting at my kitchen table in Alabaster, Alabama typing this. Why? Because a volcano has erupted several times this week, and the ash is still covering the city. So, we wait.

After much time on the phone and even more time in prayer, God made a way where there was no way. NO, Mrs. Turner, we can't get you all on a flight until Wednesday (we're supposed to leave on Saturday). NO, Mrs. Turner, we can't get you all on the same flight. We can break you up into groups of 2. NO, Mrs. Turner, we can't fly you into Honduras...or Belize..or El Salvador. NO! NO! NO! But, God had other plans.

Okay, YES..Mrs. Turner we can fly you into San Salvador the next day but it will cost $4800. NO! NO! NO! We can't afford that!!! We are a ministry...we don't have that much money! But, God had other plans!

JT went to the group and told them the dilemma. One by one they came to us and told us how much they wanted to give. One college student handed me $200 cash....another recent high school graduate emptied his checking account and gave $1000...another one wanted to give $600...and on and on they came. God placed us all in a place of total surrender and submission. Give your all....I want it all. All of you and all that you have.

Then, Delta called back..."Mrs. Turner, I have good news for you. We got you all on the flight to San Salvador. And, we're waiving all the fees!" God made a way where there was no way. God showed Himself strong. He did what ONLY HE could do. He gets ALL the praise. He gets all the glory. We just got to watch Him do it. What a privilege to be His servant. He is worthy of ALL praise!