Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The daily privilege....

Each day we are given is a gift from the Lord to be used for Him alone. It is NOT mine though I often act like it is. I schedule our days and run to and fro and leave Him completely out. How about you?

After adopting Zeke and Elly, we had about 6 months of just being "out of it." For lack of details (as they seem to escape me), we were just tired...a "fall asleep in the middle of a sentence" tired. We were weary. But, God sustained, and we are slowly seeing the light. We still avoid large crowded events with no structure and have to say No to many things. But, we are slowly getting back to our new normal.

I was reminded of how different our family life has become when our sweet Christy came to visit. Whereas we used to be able to actually carry on AND complete a conversation, now the dinner table is a time for each person to tell about their day, ask questions and well, be funny. There's little time for complete conversations these days. And, I am content with that.

God has shown me over the last 3 months how to be content in ALL circumstances. It is EASY to look at the lives of other people may age and covet....covet their time to themselves (just to go to the bathroom), covet their sleep, covet their adult conversations, covet their ability to read a book from beginning to end, etc. But, God has called me to something be the mommy to these five children. So, I'm resting in God's divine calling on my life.

I will never have a ton of blog followers or even readers (so I have no notions of actually updating this blog regularly...), write a best selling book, or be the recipient of praise and adoration. But, I KNOW THIS....I'm obeying the God of our Fathers...and I'm learning to be content in that. He chose me before time began to be the wife of JT and the Mommy of Kaitlyn, Madison, Jett, Zeke and Elly (and who knows who else). And, I trust HIM. And, I believe in HIM. He knows what He is doing, and He is in control. I am content in Him.

Just this next week I have been asked to be part of a panel of other homeschool moms to talk about time management. There's so much I could say...but I hope there's only one thing I should say....let God direct your time. Plan ahead, make your schedule, delegate tasks, teach your children responsibility, and find ways to multi-task...but pray FIRST and then PRAY again and PRAY after you have done all that you can...make sure it is GOD who directs your steps and not you. He is the King of the Ages...He can schedule your day in a way that honors Him better than you can. Trust Him to do that! I am content in His schedule for my day...whatever that may be.

Today, seek to lean on the everlasting arms of Jesus. Lean hard.