Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Pics

Madison and Jett decided to go "skiing" one day after school. So, I find them dressed like this when they come downstairs. Notice Jett has on shorts only...guess he doesn't know that it is cold when you are snow skiing.
Jett at the McWane Center - pretending he is being eaten by the whale!
Madison joined Claud and Raphael at the McWane Center for some fun examining their own hairs - it was gross!
Madison's science curriculum this year requires quite a few experiments with a microscope (we've since improved to a much better one). So, she takes it in the bathroom along with the laptop and does her experiments in there.
Our "hippy" child - Kaitlyn - doing schoolwork while wearing her favorite Peace shirt. Anything with a peace sign on it, she's all over!