Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's been a while...BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Ladies, have you ever felt deep loneliness? You were surrounded by people on Sunday morning and found yourself crying because you felt isolated and out of touch.  Looking at photos on social media left you sad and hurt.  Everyone seems to have a true friend but me, you thought.  You longed for something more, something real, something true?

You’ve seen other women in deep conversation at the local coffee shop, two friends running through the park, mamas laughing as they stroll their babies, ladies huddled together on Sunday praying for one another. You’ve watched a friend in crisis as women bring meals, provide childcare, clean her house, and lift her up. And through it all, something is still missing.

Let me tell you a secret…come in really close…closer….closer. Listen carefully to what I am about to say to you.  It will change your perspective and potentially your life.  Stop whatever you are doing and buy this book: GIDDY UP, EUNICE by Sophie Hudson.

Stop reading and click on one of these links RIGHT NOW LADY!!! I MEAN IT. It is exactly what you are looking for and will give you insight into what is missing in your life!


Christian Books

Giddy Up, Eunice is the newest work of my dear friend, Sophie. Unlike her first two books centering around comical family life in the South, this is about friendships and biblical community among women.  It is what God has designed for believers everywhere.

Ladies, it is what we we long for here on earth - community. Taking our cues from God’s Word (think Mary/Elizabeth, Lois/Eunice, etc.), we look around us for women in all stages of life. We need one another. We learn from one another. We encourage one another.

For me personally Giddy Up Eunice was SPOT ON. I started to use my highlighter for moments I wanted to remember but then realized that the WHOLE book would be a sea of green, yellow, and pink.  Reading it made me cry, laugh, ponder, and pray about my own life.  I can clearly see women who are in every decade of life that have taught, encouraged, challenged, confronted, supported, and loved me so well. We are involved in one another’s lives, and we learn from each other.

I have my family that I adore deeply.  They are truly my heart in so many ways!  And then there's the community of women God has surrounded me with who have been my teachers, confidants, mentors, and framily.  Three times I've typed this same paragraph and started to name names.  But I have so many that I can't do it justice.  These ladies are everywhere, and they are mine.

EVERYONE has something to teach you. Every single person. Seek those women out. Bribe them with coffee. Do what you have to do people. But, biblical community with other women awaits you.

What are you waiting for? Giddy Up.