Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Photographer

Kaitlyn is taking a photography class, and these are two of her pictures of Jett. He's quite the poser (as you can see), and she seems to have a good eye for subjects.
Things have been rather busy around here, and I don't know how long we'll be keeping up this blog. With our "busy" season approaching, the blog seems to get left on the back burner! In about 1 1/2 weeks, JT will leave for Africa for 3 weeks. Then, he's home all of a week before we all leave for Arizona. This will be a special trip for a couple of reasons: 1) Jay and Donna Juan are renewing their wedding vows, and we all get to be a part of it! and (2) Jett will fly again (which will prove to be fun).
Right now, our mission trips for 2008 are mainly full. We have several trips to Arizona - 1 in April, 1 in May, 3 in June and 2 in October. The April and June trips are full. The May trip as well as the Oct. trips are also almost full Then, we're going to Indiana in July, Guatemala in August and November, and South Africa in July (the whole family). Whew....I can't wait!
Lately, we've read several blogs of Guatemalan adoptive families who are still "stuck" in the process.....our hearts break for you. We remember, all too well, the roller coaster ride that you are on. You think your heart can't take anymore, and then another loop. But, God will sustain you. There is a stopping point, and when you get off, it is EXHILERATING!! The ride is preparation for the life to follow!
Know that we are praying for each one of you in the process. From this side of the journey, it is SO worth the wait. Jett had adapted to our family beautifully, and we don't have any trauma/tantrums, etc to report. He did have a couple of parasites, but our pediatrician fixed that!
We officially started the re-adoption, and our SW Lauren said it was a "piece of cake" compared to the adoption. She was so right....3 forms (2 of those are only signatures), 2 copies and a check. Done! In a couple of months, we'll have and Alabama birth certificate and officially a new name!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Catching Up on Life!

It's been so busy around here lately that the blog has not exactly been at the forefront of my mind. But, for those of you who keep up with our lives and those of you who are still in the adoption process, we will keep this journaling going until you see the light at the end of the tunnel. From 2 years of waiting (many tears and frustrations, joys and highlights), we can tell you that EVERY moment was worth it. God was using that time to form us into what He needed us to be for Jett Turner.

Here's what's been happening lately:

  • Our friends gave us a shower on Saturday for Jett's homecoming. He loved opening the presents and especially loved his new doctor kit and computer.

  • Kaitlyn is doing so well in school. She excels in math and reading and is playing the piano better every week. She is extremely creative (last night, she created her own island on paper with a diagram of her house, a logo for her island, and more) and is so helpful with Jett. He is constantly asking "donde is Kaken?"

  • Madison Grace is still our drama queen...we love it! She is a diligent worker always asking how she can help. For some reason, she loves to help in the kitchen especially washing the dishes...Madison is also a great reader and does extremely well in language and spelling. She has already finished all of her poetry for the school year and finished memorizing another poem just yesterday. I'm having to work extra hard to get her more work.

  • Jett Turner is officially speaking "Spanglish." He will say "it's mucho cold outside" or "5 minutes and then dormimos" (go to sleep). It's a joy to watch him grow and learn each day. He is learning to write his name (he is so proud to make the "t's" at the end. He can count to 20 in English, say most of his ABC's, and loves to work on the computer (like Poppa). He especially loves to play outside with his sisters and to watch the Diego DVD. He yells at the TV and does everything that Diego ask of him!

On March 10th, JT will be leaving for South Africa. He will be gone until the 28th or 29th. Please pray that Jett will understand and realize that Poppa will return. We covet your prayers and look forward to our continued time together as a family!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It Snowed Twice in One Year in Alabama!

Yep, we were watching the weather this morning when we saw the word "flurries" on the screen. JT and I started laughing. But then, I looked outside and sure enough, it was snowing. Now, mind you, it was 70 degrees here yesterday. Who would have thought that it would snow twice in one year in Alabama. Granted, it's all melted now, but it was fun while it lasted.
The kids went outside in their pajamas (and jackets) this morning to collect the snow in paper cups. Each of them has their own cup in the freezer right now. What a way to start the day!
Many people have asked about the transition time, and to be honest, it's been difficult in some ways (keeping Jett from too much stimulation and affection from others) but easier than we anticipated in other ways. I guess we had prepared ourselves for the worst but have been pleasantly surprised.
Thank you all for your prayers. We love you dearly!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Family Photos

We have an awesome friend named Jason Wallis who is a professional photographer. Last Friday, he took some pictures of our family of five, and now we have a few snapshots of that session. You can see them at We highly recommend Jason....he is awesome!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Good Job "Credibles!"

My friend Melissa gave Jett two that is a Spiderman outfit with muscles and the other is from "The Incredibles." Guess which one he loves the most...The Incredibles. The movie came on TV on Friday night, so he watched it with JT. At the end, he said "good job credibles!" Now, he loves to put on the outfit and fight crime all over our house!
He also got a motorcycle that was given to him by our good friends. He is actually a good driver! He loves to ride outside while everyone watches. What a joy to watch him grow each day in the love of Christ.
Thank you all for your continued support, encouragement and love. We are still praying for many parents who are waiting to bring their Guatemalan babies home.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Meeting Meemaw

Jett was able to meet his "abuela" this weekend....her name is officially Meemaw! As with all new people, he was timid at first but warmed up quickly. Jett quickly fell in love with his grandmother. What a joy to see him meet his family and to "know" them.
We are so grateful for a family that has prayed for us intensely through this entire process!
I had to include a photo of Jett in the bathtub (this will be great material for later in life). He loves to take a bath (mucho caliente) in our jetted tub. He is light enough that when JT turns on the jets, he simply spins around in circles. He even says "picito agua, no circles; mucho agua, si, circles!" It is a joy to see our son loving the little things in life.