Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surgery Today

Today was Jett's surgery (a circumcision) at Children's South, and he is handling it just fine. Of course, he was in some pain and said he cried a little with the nurse (while we weren't with him), but he's being such a trooper. No more pokes, shots, etc. for a while!

I know that you come for the pictures so here's a few more of our favorite Jettster in Arizona. He loves our friend Morgan from KY and wanted to constantly play with her. He also enjoyed the inflatable barrel from a past VBS curriculum...he called it John. Poor John had an accident and couldn't be repaired later in the week......

Jett is progressing well and he is learning so much every day. This Thursday will be a family picnic with Lifeline here in Birmingham. We are looking forward to meeting other adoptive parents and seeing Jett interact with new friends!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Loving on Daddy in Arizona - April 10th was the final readoption day!

Madison got a hold of the camera while painting at a local house...this is one of her masterpieces!

Poppa and Jett at the rehearsal dinner of our good friends, Jay and Donna Juan!

Jett demonstrating how to use a Hula Hoop at the nursing home in Arizona...do you think he's used to being the center of attention?

Okay, I'm a slacker and I admit it. I have definitely not been blogging lately, and I'm sorry for all of you who are keeping us with us online!!! Please forgive me.

We have all just returned from a mission trip to Arizona. This was Jett's first mission trip, and he did fairly well. We kept saying "stay close to Momma and Poppa because you're not a US citizen yet"...he didn't seem to understand that. We minister in Sells, AZ which is the heart of the Tohono O'odham Indian reservation (and also the heart of the immigration battle in our country). So, Border Patrol is everywhere, and with Jett's Guatemalan heritage, I'd rather him stick close to me and not be confused with an illegal immigrant!!! I think this battle flew right over his head and we were often yelling for him to come closer to us.....Overall, he had a great time and fell in love with Pastor Jay. He can even say "Hi" in O'odham....

Jett's readoption was finalized on Friday here in Alabama. Now, I have several things to do before we get geared up for the summer:

  • Receive copies of birth certificates (necessary to begin the following items)

  • Change name on the Social Security Card (requires another trip downtown but I can make an appointment so it won't be difficult).

  • Change name on insurance plan (piece of cake).

  • Complete Citizenship paperwork and mail in (got the paperwork finished now, just waiting to attach the birth certificate).

  • Get a US passport (this will be needed for our flight to Africa this summer).

Ah, the joys of more paperwork. At least it will all be handled. I'm so thankful that we had the experience of all the adoption paperwork (did I really just say that?) to help us during this time. And, we are forever grateful to Lauren, our social worker, who has so graciously walked us through this all!

Oh yes, Jett did a photo shoot this week for a brochure for Children's Hospital. He'll be the kid eating his vegetables! There was no food for him to eat so he just had to pretend to eat and look out a window (of course, he didn't understand that he didn't need to "ham" it up for the camera). After a while of doing the same thing, he declared "Jett's full"...he was done! How funny is that!