Monday, November 10, 2014

Remember, remember, remember

It is easy to forget. Too easy.

It’s even easier to look the other way. And act like nothing outside of our own little worlds is happening.

We have all done it. Flipped the channel on the tv to see starving children in Africa. Quickly changed the channel as that is not something I want to see right now. What about the starving pets in the world? I’m not an animal person but even that gets to me. Cue the sad music, the hungry people/dogs, a narrator with a deep voice….give your money to stop the hunger.

I am guilty as charged. Change the channel, flip the station, ignore the ads. To think of others is sometimes a bother to our personal agenda.

On our recent trip a friend recommended this sermon: And IT HAS MESSED ME UP AGAIN. It’s an hour long, but God will use it in your life to renew your love for people. I needed that.

It is easy for me to plan and organize a trip and then get caught up in all the logistics. But, that’s not what Jesus taught us. He showed us how to love like He loves.

Do we truly care that children are being abused verbally, physically and sexually every day? Do I cry for the women who are sold into prostitution in my nation? Do you mourn for the lost of the world?

If your answer is no, and my answer to that question has been “no” during multiple seasons in my life, what do you do?

First, we pray that God would give us a heart for His people. Pray specifically for a love that can only come from Him.

Second, find out the name of a person who is suffering. Print a picture of the person and begin to seek the Father on her behalf. Knowing a name makes it hard to forget the situation.

Third, go. Go to the people who are dying to hear the Gospel and those who are suffering daily. Hold the hurt child, share the Gospel with the lost, listen to the dying….

Please don’t forget. They need you to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Monday, November 3, 2014

But God....

Yesterday was orphan Sunday in churches across the United States. I almost forgot. It’s easy to forget these days. With the schedule of a ministry, five kids and homeschool, I forget my name sometimes.

It has been almost 7 years since we brought Jett home and almost 4 for Zeke and Elly. I barely catch a glimpse of our lives before them. It was a good life. Two girls who were compliant, obedient, peaceful (most days)….life was just fine.

But God……in all of His wisdom and knowledge, had a different plan for our family that called for great sacrifice and a roller coaster ride of emotions that we were clearly not cut out for.

But God….robed in power and majesty, chose three children from around the globe to weave into our family in such a way that only He could get the glory.

But God….full of grace and mercy, knew that our lives didn’t reflect His enduring love to the extent necessary and changed that.

I look back and see lives full of ourselves. There were six years where the world revolved around JT and me. We ate what we wanted when we wanted. We went to the bathroom by ourselves, and our house was always clean. No chaos. No worries. Serene.

Children change that. God can show you depravity and self-entitlement through a child better than any other avenue!

Marriage showed me the extent of my selfishness. Chlildren showed me how selfless God wanted me to be.

Praise God for the way He has taken us through the journey of adoption to weave our family into His desire. He has taught JT and me more than we ever thought possible about His great love, endurance, patience and joy. It has had moments and years that were dark and hard, but praise His name, there is a Hope that sustains!