Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Enjoying the snow....

For all of my friends up north, it barely snowed. You could even see some parts of the ground...there was only 2 inches on our deck. But, for those of us who live in spring/summer weather most of the year, it was HUGE! If there is even one inkling that a lonesome snowflake may fall, everything (and I do mean everything) will shut down. But hey, no one here dies from the heat (like in Chicago a few years back). We can handle the heat...bring on the beach, the sunshine, the 100 + temperatures and 100% humidity any day. We can take it. But, cold temperatures? snow? We are totally underprepared.

It has now snowed 3 times this winter which is totally contrary to global warming and living in the deep South. But, our kids have LOVED it. It snowed just last night (a thundersnow) and it was amazing. We are reminded each time of how great our God is to send us snow. He is Sovereign and amazing! Just thought I'd post a few pics of our kiddos enjoying the snow!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adoption Update

We officially started the adoption process in September. It has definitely been easier so far just because we don't have to get every single piece of paperwork notarized....and in turn, get the notary verified by the county...and in turn, get the county notary notarized by the state. So, the paperwork process has been a cinch!

We turned in our official home study in December, and it was sent to the Alabama DHR at the beginning of January. It is only the first week of February, and our home study is already at CIS in Atlanta. That was quick! We anticipate the CIS approval process to take 3 months, but timelines are always questionable.

Every day we pray for our child/children wherever they are right now. We pray that God will prepare his/her/their hearts to be a part of a forever family. May God give us the patience to wait on His timing and to know that He is in total control.