Saturday, November 14, 2009

School Pics and Adopting Again!


All of the kiddos had their school pictures taken yesterday. What a joy to see the blessings that God has given to our family. And speaking of blessings, we are about to increase the size of them....we are adopting again.

As soon as we brought Jett home in January of 2008, we knew that God was calling us to adopt again. So, we have started the process again with Lifeline and will be adopting through Lifeline. We are almost finished with our home study now and the next step is the referral. We'll just be in waiting mode..... It's so different this time because Uganda uses English as its official language so there is no translation involved. The paperwork is easier because everything doesn't have to be notarized twice.

We will have to stay in Uganda for 30 days, but our family is ready for that. Everyone will go together, and depending on the time of year, JT may or may not have to come back to the US during the process. Our entire family is excited about the possibilities! We don't know how many children, the gender or ages. We are trusting God for His Sovereignty in that area!