Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Family Apart

JT, Jonathan, Joseph, Rick and Jason in Atteridgeville, South Africa

Many of you know that we lead mission trips around the world. JT goes on every trip and is gone between 17-20 weeks out of the year. This is the beginning of our busy season ..... between now and August, we will lead 13 weeks worth of trips. Whew!
JT left on Monday for South Africa. He and one of his best friends, Jason Waltman, went four days ahead of the first team in order to get all of the logistics/supplies settled. We have amazing new global phones that allow us to talk to him anytime (well, not while he's sleeping...they are 7 hours ahead of us timewise). On the 2nd day he was gone, I simply dialed 7 numbers and was able to talk to my husband in South Africa. How awesome is that! God is so great to have allowed people to develop that process. I am so grateful. We can also text message each other which is cheaper!
I'm a little confused why I have to dial 10 numbers just to get someone in Georgia (2 hours away) but can get my husband in another country with less numbers. I love it!!!!!
Everyone here is missing Poppa but we are managing with lots of school, extracurricular activities (Master's Academy, piano, etc). Jett is definitely longing for Poppa to be home and doesn't understand the concept of 3 weeks. My friend Angelia gave us a calendar that we are using to mark off the days each morning at breakfast. He seems to grasp the visual but it's still difficult seeing him looking for JT when he hears the garage door.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement. Please pray for those families still waiting to bring their children home!

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