Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surgery Today

Today was Jett's surgery (a circumcision) at Children's South, and he is handling it just fine. Of course, he was in some pain and said he cried a little with the nurse (while we weren't with him), but he's being such a trooper. No more pokes, shots, etc. for a while!

I know that you come for the pictures so here's a few more of our favorite Jettster in Arizona. He loves our friend Morgan from KY and wanted to constantly play with her. He also enjoyed the inflatable barrel from a past VBS curriculum...he called it John. Poor John had an accident and couldn't be repaired later in the week......

Jett is progressing well and he is learning so much every day. This Thursday will be a family picnic with Lifeline here in Birmingham. We are looking forward to meeting other adoptive parents and seeing Jett interact with new friends!


Mom&Dad to A & J said...

Hope he continues to feel better!!
See you Thursday!

Saram said...

Glad everything went well. Its harder for older boys, but it is a good choice. If you are interested, I am a group leader for a group for moms who believe in circumcising, it is great place to find info and support.

I hope you'll check it out: