Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer at a glance....

Jett Turner loves fruit.....eating grapes in Arizona!
Madison Grace in Covered Wells during a community block party!
Jett loves Mrs. Sandra and her cooking.....she spoils him and he loves it!
Autumn (Ottaman) and Jett pretend to be monkies in Arizona.
JT, Kaitlyn, Jett and Madison pose in Indiana...what a great trip!

Our summer has been filled with mission trips to Arizona and Indiana. Tomorrow we are leaving for South Africa/Zambia/Swaziland for 2 weeks. Here are a few photos to tie us over until we return.

We celebrated 6 months with Jett while in Arizona and are so amazed by his progress. Here's an update on our little man:

1. He uses big words like suggestion, actually (that's his favorite word) and inquisitive.

2. He just lost his front two bottom teeth (and explained that the fairy teeth came and got them).

3. He has eaten watermelon for the first time this summer and loved it!

4. He loves to tell pilots that his name is Jett and watch their reaction.....

5. He now tells people that his mommy and daddy came to Guatemala to get him from an orphanage and he now lives in Alabaster, Alabama. He's very proud to tell his story to anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest (and to those who don't as well).
We'll catch up more details when we return. Thank you all for your prayers!

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