Friday, January 30, 2009

4 Years and The Circus

Yesterday marked 4 years since the fire that devasted our of the children mentioned it at breakfast, and we all just sat and thought about it for a moment. God has done some wonderful things in our lives since then. It has been 4 years of growth and stretching like never before.

To celebrate our 100th day of school (which was last week), the kids worked extra hard to have the day off yesterday. It was joyous! We all went to the was the first time for Jett and Heather to ever see a circus.

There is just something about seeing mouths open with amazement, eyes so large you think they'll pop, and hearing "this is the best day ever" over and over again. The "thank you's" stopped about 2 hours after we returned home. It was so much fun to share the joy and excitement with all of the kids!

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Nancy said...

Your oldest daughter is identical to you in that last picture. I am so happy you had fun @ the circus! I love going there! Happy to soon see you both!