Friday, May 8, 2009

Earrings for MG!

Madison got her ears pierced last week, and she was thrilled. I told both girls that they could get their ears pierced at the age of 10. With the summer coming up and our pediatrician slated to be out of the office, we decided to go ahead and get this done a few months early.

Madison has already been very diligent in taking care of her ears. She cleans them twice a day without fail. She is very "safety" minded when it comes to the possibility of something going wrong. For those of you who know her, she always listens to the safety instructions on aircraft, reads the pamphlet in the seatback in front of her, looks for exits, etc. So, I'm sure this will go off without a hitch.

On another note our trip to Guatemala is only 2 weeks away. We are eager for our family to serve together with most of our small group. We are also a apprehensive about Jett returning to Guatemala. He seems to shut down when around the Spanish language or Latino people. He becomes very clingy and needy. We have reassured him of his place in our family and loved on him immensely. Please pray that God will use this time to bring Himself glory through all of us!


Nancy said...

That is an awesome picture! She & Jett cleaned up the playroom yesterday & I told her I would have to hire her to come to the Hudspeth house!
I'm praying for you as you will be travelling & for Jett as you share His word.

Mom&Dad to A & J said...

I got my ears pierced at 10 too! She looks great.

I'll be praying for you all and specifically Jett. J shuts down in very much the same way. (About a month ago he had a 2 hour tantrum after a mexican gentleman at church gave him special attention.) Praying that this will be a positive step forward for your family as you serve together.

Sheri said...

We are leaving for Guatemala June 18th and I am too scared to take Sophie. I don't know when I will be able to take her back. Thankfully she is too little to understand. Let us know how it goes and we will be praying for your family.