Friday, July 3, 2009

Missing: 1 Front Tooth

For almost a month now, Jett has had a loose front tooth. When I went see my friend Nancy yesterday, we went to the bathroom to check out the looseness factor. It came right out. Jett was SO proud of himself!

Now, he talks with a little lisp but is enjoying the space for extra water spouts. Ah, he's growing up so fast!


Nancy said...

So happy I was there for the milestone! look precious! Love, Nancy

Rod, Leslie, Briggs, Max: said...

Briggs says it is a good place to put a straw when you are drinking!ha! Leslie

David and Marianne said...

What a fun milestone! Great to catch up on your family! Jett looks he's growing so quickly! Wish we could have met you all at the EN reunion. Blessings!