Saturday, November 13, 2010

Out of sight, out of mind???

Just this week God has shown me the "other side" of "out of sight, out of mind." You see I've been on the receiving end of this adage...and it hurt. It hurt greatly. Our family felt isolated, lonely, unwanted and unnecessary.

But God reminded me this week that I've been on the other side of that when it comes to some friends of ours who have moved away. How much effort have I made in keeping that relationship a vital one? How intentional has my heart been on seeking after them? Wow...conviction! Thank you God for the Holy Spirit who reminds us of the rebellion in our hearts. He shows us our own wickedness and His grace in forgiving us! Praise Him!

So, what can you and I do to help relieve these feelings?

  • Set up a time to regularly communicate with your friends! Skype is awesome because you get to see each other.
  • Send care packages! Make sure you send some of their favorite things...especially if they can no longer get these things where they are!
  • Send emails letting them know you are praying for them and what you are specifically praying for!
  • Place an unexpected call...when you haven't talked in a while, it's so refreshing to hear a friend's voice!
  • Send pictures from your phone when you miss them. Drive by a place they like and take a picture...say "I was thinking of you when I passed this store...remember the time we went here and ...."
  • STAY IN TOUCH! Quick notes, calls and emails will help friends feel close. But, spend some quality time talking every so often too!
To be a part of Biblical community, we must make efforts that are not generally convenient or easy. But, God has designed to be here for one another. So, let's (and I'm especially talking to myself) make those extra efforts to be the Body of Christ to one another!

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