Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What you would hear if you were a fly on our wall...

It's been a little difficult keeping up with our blog lately with little people crawling all over me, but I am trying. I want to document these moments to remember...I can barely remember what we ate for breakfast this morning, so I'm fairly certain I'll forget these days quickly. I also want to record our days for those who walk the adoption journey behind us. There are certainly LONG days...there are hard days...but there are joyous ones too. I want to remember....

If you were a fly on our wall these days, you might hear...

Zeke, you brush your hair. You brush your teeth. You FLUSH the toilet..not brush the toilet.

Elly, please use your inside voice.

We WILL eat. We WILL feed you.

I kiss-uh your face (from Zeke every few minutes).

Your clothes are on backwards (from Kaitlyn to Zeke and Elly almost every day).

I'll read you a book (from Madison to any of the littles).

We watch Cosby? (Zeke and Elly find The Cosby Show on Netflix to be entertaining)

Kakati okwebaka, era popcorn? (Zeke asking if they can have popcorn after they take a nap)

Bible study? (Is is time for Bible study? from Zeke nightly)

I Uncle David, Elly Miss Jenny, Jett Uncle Daniel (this is their idea of "Playing house" - Jett said they can't play Aunt Amanda because they don't have enough purses...okay, that's funny).

I be right back (Zeke will say this ANYTIME he is going out of a room)

Hold-uh me please (Elly asks this often...frequently..okay, every 2 minutes)

Don't chickle me! (Zeke to JT every morning...translation...please tickle me)

Don't do THAAAAAAYYYAAAT! (Zeke making fun of our Southern accent)

Microphone please (seriously...they LOVE the microphone). Often Zeke will pretend he is "Levi's daddy" (Jim W.) and sing for all of us.

Kunaaba please!!! (Nightly, they ask for a bath...with bubbles)

No Madison!!!! (Zeke and Elly are trying to say "no medicine" when they have to take allergy medicine but instead, they call on their sister).

No fank you! (Zeke and Elly when they don't want to do is just too often makes me laugh..and JT has to take over the instructions).

Anudder one? (Another one? Whenever they want to do something again...swing, jump, etc, this is what they ask).

Oh, the joy these words bring to my ears. I often look across the table and stare at them. Just three months ago, they didn't know where their next meal would come from or if they would have one. Zeke wet himself nightly and slept in the soaked clothing. He had one outfit. He rarely took a bath if at all. They were waiting for what they did not know would come.....Lord, help me to remember.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a window into your lives! I loved reading all the cute things your children ALL are so blessed!

-Lara Riley

Giann said...

aww...too sweet! and funny!

Anonymous said...

Treasured moments!! I do hope things are settling down a bit for all of you. Having two little ones at the same time can truly be difficult - but you and JT can handle this - with the Lord's help.

I must have copies of these pictures. I need new pictures of all the kids for my refrigerator pictures.

See you soon. Love, Mom