Monday, June 13, 2011

Encouragement Galore....

After the last blog post, I have been OVERWHELMED with encouragement from family and friends. God has literally used so many people to minister to me. I am so grateful and blessed. Here are a few excerpts that were sent to me:

"I read your blog but didn't want to comment there. Just wanted to say "been there"...maybe not because of adoption but because of other reasons the Lord called us to "stay put" when our kids were young. And a lot of things He showed us to avoid...the large chaotic events...and called me out of teaching at church, too...He called our family HOME.

We didn't understand it at the time. People around us thought we were pulling out of life. But we walked by faith and the Lord did some things in our family that were good. Our calling home to that extreme was temporary (less than a year) but so very worth it.

Your is for more than those who adopt. It is for the new homeschooling family...if this is your first year to homeschool- then stay home! New baby- stay home! Medical illness -stay home. You get the point."

and this one....

"First of all - I don't want you to ever, ever, ever worry about what [my husband} and I think. Ever. I am going to tell you what we are thinking. We are thinking that you are following God in great obedience to adopt and love and bring new life to two very precious little children. This is an all consuming task. We understand that this limits you greatly and we don't expect anything from you right now. We understand that you are pouring your heart and soul and mind into these two precious children and we don't want you to do anything else."

and then there's the friend who said to me in church yesterday,

"Since you are staying put, we'll just come to you."

The words of encouragement and support have literally flooded my soul with great joy. I'm so thankful for the people who truly "get it" and understand the call God has placed on our lives. Please know that I'm thankful beyond measure for each one of you.


Stacie Hollon said...

I love reading your blogs. I see you as such a Godly woman. Thank you for sharing your journey.
Stacie Hollon

LaRessie said...
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LaRessie said...

I LOVE reading your blog! I miss you SO much!!! We have been called to stay home more and it has been difficult but GOD is SO good. I know it is for HIM! I LOVE SEEING YOUR SMILING FACE! <3 ya!