Monday, February 4, 2008

Good Job "Credibles!"

My friend Melissa gave Jett two that is a Spiderman outfit with muscles and the other is from "The Incredibles." Guess which one he loves the most...The Incredibles. The movie came on TV on Friday night, so he watched it with JT. At the end, he said "good job credibles!" Now, he loves to put on the outfit and fight crime all over our house!
He also got a motorcycle that was given to him by our good friends. He is actually a good driver! He loves to ride outside while everyone watches. What a joy to watch him grow each day in the love of Christ.
Thank you all for your continued support, encouragement and love. We are still praying for many parents who are waiting to bring their Guatemalan babies home.


The Allums Family said...

How precious! I just love seeing new pics of this cutie!!

Whitney said...

So sweet!!

David and Marianne said...

So cute...reminds me of my Zachary...LOVE that preschool imagination! Praying God continues to bless your sweet family!