Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Photographer

Kaitlyn is taking a photography class, and these are two of her pictures of Jett. He's quite the poser (as you can see), and she seems to have a good eye for subjects.
Things have been rather busy around here, and I don't know how long we'll be keeping up this blog. With our "busy" season approaching, the blog seems to get left on the back burner! In about 1 1/2 weeks, JT will leave for Africa for 3 weeks. Then, he's home all of a week before we all leave for Arizona. This will be a special trip for a couple of reasons: 1) Jay and Donna Juan are renewing their wedding vows, and we all get to be a part of it! and (2) Jett will fly again (which will prove to be fun).
Right now, our mission trips for 2008 are mainly full. We have several trips to Arizona - 1 in April, 1 in May, 3 in June and 2 in October. The April and June trips are full. The May trip as well as the Oct. trips are also almost full Then, we're going to Indiana in July, Guatemala in August and November, and South Africa in July (the whole family). Whew....I can't wait!
Lately, we've read several blogs of Guatemalan adoptive families who are still "stuck" in the process.....our hearts break for you. We remember, all too well, the roller coaster ride that you are on. You think your heart can't take anymore, and then another loop. But, God will sustain you. There is a stopping point, and when you get off, it is EXHILERATING!! The ride is preparation for the life to follow!
Know that we are praying for each one of you in the process. From this side of the journey, it is SO worth the wait. Jett had adapted to our family beautifully, and we don't have any trauma/tantrums, etc to report. He did have a couple of parasites, but our pediatrician fixed that!
We officially started the re-adoption, and our SW Lauren said it was a "piece of cake" compared to the adoption. She was so right....3 forms (2 of those are only signatures), 2 copies and a check. Done! In a couple of months, we'll have and Alabama birth certificate and officially a new name!


The Allums Family said...

I am so glad Jett has adapted well. Thanks for your encouragement during this journey.
I will be praying for all the mission trips coming up... May God be glorified through his people.

dad2aandj said...

So glad to see Jett adjusting well. We're working on taking care of the parasite thing over here as well, but our guy's a real trooper too, so nothing too bad. Glad to hear re-adoption is in process for you. I'm praying for you and thinking of you often. I'm not sure if E's shown these to him yet or not, but Joseph definitely seems to always recognize Jett when we do show him the pics. -Tim

the Schommer family said...

Thank you for writing during your busy life. We have enjoyed learning about your family and it's growth. May your lives continue to be full of many blessings. Also the pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

I saw you at church today!!! He is so cute

Our Adoption Journey said...

Cuteness! Love the pictures! I was glad to read that re-adoption is a piece of cake!

Therese said...

I've been spying on you for a while and enjoying every moment of your stories of Jett and your busy life of such good works!

I thought it was time I introduced myself (Danny's mom) and thanked you for your inspirational words.

Your post was just what I needed to read today, so I thank you very much!

Good luck with those pesky parasites. And know that no matter how much or little you are able to post, we're including your family in our prayers!