Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lifeline Picnic

Today was a big day for our family, as we were finally able to meet other Lifeline families who have followed via the web but never met in person. While Jett was naturally wary of other children from Guatemala in the beginning, he warmed up quickly. He made quick friends of A and J. And, the adults had a great time talking. It feels like we've known them forever as we journeyed through the adoption process for a similar time period. Those who have walked that journey have a unique story that only others on the path can fully understand.

We met several families who we won't name for their privacy. We've learned that the web can be a dangerous place to post names, so you know who you are. What a joy to see all of the children playing together in Alabama!

Jett is recovering well from his surgery, and has even prayed for his healing. Okay, I'll spare you the details of his prayers, but let's just say that the family has been laughing lately during the blessing and prayer times. Blessed are those who have to sit near us in public when Jett prays.....

We officially sent in all the paperwork for the citizenship documents today and sent off for Jett's passport. Only one more item to tackle....a trip to the Social Security Office tomorrow should take care of that. And, then it's more paperwork for the adoption!!! I'll be SO relieved!

What a blessed day...thank you all for your support and encouragement along this journey. Please pray for those who are still waiting. Our hearts ache for you...we've been where you are, and we are here for you if you need anything!


Sheri said...

Loved meeting you y'all!
We changed our blog name. The new one is

allums family said...

so glad he is doing well.... he is such a handsome fella!
i would love to be sitting next to you at dinner to hear his prayer;)