Friday, October 17, 2008

It ALL Belongs to Jesus

Jett in Arizona this past week!
Jett and our good friend, Josh.
Sunset in Arizona - God is unbelievably good!

Lately our family has been talking about materialism as it has been a topic of conversation at our church. When we lost everything in a house fire in January of 2005, we learned that lesson at a new level. While we have a great house and many new things, we don't hold tightly to any of them. If you need it, then you can have it. Our's God's house! It all belongs to Him.
So, over the past month, when we are discussing Pastor David's messages, Jett brings it all down to one phrase, "It all belongs to Jesus." Then, he quickly points to things and says "That's Jesus' shirt" or "that's Jesus' food" or "that's Jesus' table." He will say "Thank you Jesus' for letting us use your .......fill in the blank here with whatever he just saw. It is a childlike statement that rings true for all of us.
Recently we were talking about some friends who might be selling their house.......Jett said simply "It's not their house, it's Jesus' house." Wow...he's right! He gets it. When you come from having nothing and depending on Him every day for survival, you know what it's like to have faith in Him. Childlike faith. Survival faith. Real faith.
May we all say "It belongs to Jesus" so that we can give it faith.

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dad2aandj said...

Thanks to Jett for the reminder, and for putting into words what I think my heart and head have been struggling with a bit lately.