Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mrs. Mary and Mr. John.....

Mrs. Mary and Jett in Arizona.

Jett often comes out with the funniest things....we laugh every day at something he has said! So, here are a few tales from him lately.

Jett loves Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Crisp. In fact, he thinks they hung the moon (which is just fine with us....). They are a couple in our church who exude compassion, encouragement, love and service. They are like surrogate parents to us here in Birmingham and surrogate grandparents to our children.....all that to say that we adore and love them dearly!

Mr. John and Mrs. Mary have gone on two trips with us to Arizona, and their servants' hearts are immense. Not to mention that Mrs. Mary is one of the finest cooks of ALL time! One time, we had fried shrimp and hushpuppies at our house, and now, Jett won't eat shrimp anywhere else except Mrs. Mary's house. When we were at the beach, he would say, "This is not Mrs. Mary's shrimp." Enough said.
Mrs. Mary called our house during the last trip to Arizona (we were set to arrive in a couple of days). Jett hollers out, "Hey Mrs. Mary" to the phone. So, I ask him aloud, "Jett, what do you love most about Mrs. Mary?" Without hesitation, he says, "Mr. John!" Mary and I laughed so hard about that one. Jett loves Mr. John beyond belief.
Yesterday, I am teaching him his Bible story for the day, and he happens to be reviewing the nativity (I know it's a little early for that). I am pointing to the picture and showing him Mary riding on the donkey. I point to her tummy and say that baby Jesus is in there and they are on their way to Bethlehem. "If this is Mary on the donkey, then who is this (pointing to Joseph)?" I say. With no question, Jett exclaims, "That's Mr. John!" Oh, the joy...and the laughter. Jett thought Mr. John was the father of Jesus. For him, Mary and Joseph didn't happen 2000 years was just a few weeks ago. How awesome that he associates the love of an earthly man he knows with the earthly Father of our Lord.

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Sara said...

I loved the nativity story...what a hoot. I love the things that kids say that make us chcukle and savor their innocense. Glad you have special friends like you do.