Monday, December 8, 2008

Kailtyn's Birthday

It's hard to believe that 12 years ago tomorrow, our oldest daughter was born in Anniston, Alabama. She was almost a month early, but we rejoiced with her arrival. What a joy she has been to our life.

Kaitlyn has a heart for the world. She is into anything "Chinese" right now and of course, she loves Chinese food. Since we spent 2 months in China in 2004, she has had a heart for the country of China. I pray that God will use her to reach Chinese people one day! She made sure that her birthday cake was in Chinese colors (red and black) and used Chinese characters to spell Fun on her cake.
Kaitlyn loves to read (and is often heard running into walls while she is walking because she has a book in her hands), play the piano (and can pick out any song after hearing it just once), design outfits, magazines, etc. and loves being the oldest sister (with all of its advantages and disadvantages). I have to add a sidenote to the reading part of this...when I went to her bathroom this morning, there were 4 books that she is currently reading in there....2 American Girl books about Kirsten, a book on the life of Benjamin Franklin, and Fox's Book of Maryrs.....what a selection! She has truly been a delight in our life. As she is growing up, things are changing.....we look forward to the young woman God intends for her to be!

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