Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A House Full....

For the past five days, we have had a house full of staff and summer interns. On Saturday, the summer interns for the ministry, Autumn, Holly, Brittney and Michael, arrived. In addition, Karen Katchuk, our staff liason from Kentucky, and her daughter Morgan flew in. So, we had 12 people gathered around the dinner table. What a joy!

What a blessing to host our friends and family for several days. It was pure joy to hear and see....

  • Autumn strumming her guitar while Holly sang a song that Autumn wrote.
  • Hearing Holly and Heather sing worship songs upstairs.
  • The laughter coming from Jett as Morgan chased him around the house.
  • Michael teaching Madison how to play chess.
  • Karen braiding Madison's hair for the day.
  • Autumn trying to figure out which one was the dryer!
  • Brittney and Holly laughing endlessly.
  • Kaitlyn wanting to take Morgan to her 6th grade small group.
  • Having a row full of people we love at church.
  • Giggles, laughter and other untold noises late into the night.
I am a content woman in the Lord knowing that I am blessed beyond degree. I love you all!

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