Monday, July 5, 2010

A Crowded House...A Full Heart

God blessed us in 2005 with a new house (after a total fire that destroyed almost everything we owned) with lots more room. We are so grateful, and it is coming in handy these days.

Almost every day this week, there are at least 12 people spending the night and sometimes 14-16! It makes for a crowded house, and my admiration for large families like the Hobbs and Halls has grown exponentially! The washer and dryer are ALWAYS going, and the whole gang works together to finish clothes each day. The dishwasher runs after every meal, and many times we have to wash by hand in order to get it all done. There's someone in every room.... I can walk into any room of the house and find someone talking, singing, playing, working or praying. It's a good thing. My heart overflows.

This Thursday, a majority of my household will be leaving for Uganda. It will be awfully quiet. Crispy, Tiki, Madison, Jett and I will be here by ourselves. Just the five of us... we won't know what to do with such a quiet house. But, we will pray. Please join us in praying for our friends and family as they go minister in Kampala.

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Nancy said...

I will be praying!
I love the new blog look - you might have to show me how to do little pictures like that in the banner. You know I'm slow :)