Friday, July 16, 2010

My Heart Overflows...

Crispy, Duckett and Stick serving in Guatemala at New Jerusalen Church.
KiKi and Stick at the seminary in Guatemala.
Madison and Hannah Brown at the seminary in Guatemala.
Jett playing at New Jerusalen.
KiKi and Paola in Guatemala.

When I think back to being 13 or 11 or 6, I don't recall having a passion for the lost people of the world. I was self-absorbed and caught up in my own world. I don't think I even realized that people actually LIVED around the world...outside of my small town in south Alabama. Well, I knew that there was a larger world but it never dawned on me that those were REAL people with names.

But my children have seen the world...well, some of it anyway. They have helped lead VBS in villages in the desert of Arizona. They have walked the dirt roads of Swaziland and fed hungry children. They have held children in an orphanage. They have walked into the dump of Guatemala City and given away food. They are learning at an early age what it means to truly give of themselves.

May God strengthen and sustain them for His service throughout their lives. May they be willing to go to the unreached people of the world for His name's sake. May they seek to bring glory to the Father in everything that they do. May I encourage and support them wherever God calls. May I go with them if that's what He beckons. May we all just seek to obey....

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Michelle Wilson said...

THIS is the life we pray/dream/wish/hope for our children. Praise God for families like yours who are proving that it is not only doable, but also joyfully doable.