Friday, May 13, 2011

Life is hectic….it is hard…it is is is funny. Oh, the dichotomy of living with 5 very different children! As I was having a personal pity party (you were not invited) over wet beds, washing 12 loads of clothes in one day, and dealing with whinyness, several women (who have traveled this road before me) encouraged me. Thank you Brenda McCollum (who I have only met in cyber world but raised a marvelous daughter who our family loves and adores), Cynthia Hoover (a constant source of encouragement and wisdom), and Anita Busby (your children rise and call you blessed and so do we) for helping me see past me. You all encouraged me to see beyond the temporary to the eternal.

I was also reminded by another friend of the importance of spending quality time with each child every day. Sure, I’m home ALL day with these kiddos teaching school, taking supervised trips to the bathroom for the newest ones, and wiping noses. But, do I REALLY invest in them daily. Some days…not so much. Spending time together in the same home is NOT enough. I must seek to daily disciple and teach my children the ways of God. I must invest in their Scripture memorization and knowledge. I must lead by example and show them how to live.

Oh, the pressure! I can’t do this…That is right! I CANNOT do this! But, He can! The Lord is sufficient in everything…He will accomplish His plan and it cannot be thwarted! Praise His Holy Name!

PS I just HAD to post the video of Zeke...he heard Ray Charles sing "Georgia on my Mind" one time, and this is his imitation...notice, he only knows one word. His southern accent makes me laugh.

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