Thursday, May 26, 2011

So, how is life?

Just last night, I was commiserating, bemoaning, talking to my friend Dina about the dilemma we face when asked about adoption. She has 6 kids, 2 of which she and her husband recently adopted. She is a most excellent mom, and I’m proud just to know her. So, I have to say that I visibly let out a sigh of relief when we discussed this together. Do you tell me who are looking to adopt how great things are and what a joy it is and how God ordained it? Or do I say that it is hard, really hard some days and see if they stick around long enough to hear the rest? Hmmmm. We never came to a conclusion…mainly because Zeke had not made the timing to the bathroom a priority and thus had to be completely cleaned and changed before Wednesday night church.

So, there are days when things are tough…I feel like I don’t have anything together and nothing is happening as I would like…..yep, that’s pure selfishness. I can acknowledge it and identify it. I don’t like it. I abhor it. It is my sin nature, and I want it to die. Die a long hard death. But, it doesn’t and I wage war on it daily. Quiet time in the morning needs to be longer…like 4-5 hours…maybe more. But, God’s grace sustains me. Just this morning, I was studying Galatians 3 and it is where Paul is rebuking the Christians in Galatia for so quickly following a Gospel based on works in addition to faith. The passage is about justification by faith alone in Christ alone. What in the world does that have to do with MY day? Hmmm…well, let’s see…. When the kitchen is full of running bodies, loud screams and cries for “Holda me peas?” I call out to the Father for Him alone. When I’m trying to teach the new summer interns about administrative duties, and I see ALL of my kids gathered around trying to get my attention, I surrender to Him alone. And, when my 5 year old doesn’t want to take a nap so that I can teach the interns, I hold him and quietly pray that God will sustain me through faith alone. Ahh…so, the Word is good for my day. Okay, it isn’t my day anyway…it’s His. And, I’m allowed to walk in it as I seek to serve Him.

No, I won’t get an award for emailing my friends today or even talking on the phone or getting all the details for the upcoming mission trip handled. But, I will hold a former orphan and sing him to sleep. And, I will play Soduko with my 11 year old who needs some Mommy time. And, I will rejoice (AGAIN) with my 7 year old who just became a Christ-follower yesterday….but it is NOT I who does any of this…IT IS HIM ALONE LIVING IN ME! Praise His holy name!

If nothing else from this blog, I hope you realize that I am a sinner saved by grace. I am unworthy. I cannot live this life in a way that glorifies Him. But HE CAN!!! He is the reason I awaken each morning. He is the reason I live. And, it is for His glory and honor and praise that I continue. May the name of God be honored and revered and praised daily in what He calls me to do. And may I be obedient to the call. May we all.


Brenda said...

Sheryl, reading your blog tonight reminded me of a lady I know who adopted two children who were considered un-adoptable because of the severe abuse they had suffered. Many nights she held them with her arms and legs wrapped around them trying to keep them from hurting themselves. The adoption agency would have her come and talk to potential adoptive parents to "talk them out of adoption". They knew if she could scare them away, they should not adopt. Tell them exactly as it is, and if they can't handle that, it's probably not God's will for them to adopt. That's my two cents!

Annie said...

I totally disagree with Brenda....sort of. And since I was about to take over your blog with my reply, I'm going to reply on my own.