Friday, July 22, 2011

Do I Really Care?

Do I really care if I must decrease in the sight of man for the sake of the glory of God? Yes, I care. But, I desire His glory more than mine. If no one remembers my name or anything I have done...praise God. May He and He alone be lifted high.

As I was reading in Phillipians this morning, I was reminded of Paul's plight among his peers. He did NOT care if his reputation was being tarnished or if people were gloating that he was in jail. In fact, he boasted that people were preaching out of selfish motives. But, what was the gain...Christ was being proclaimed! Oh, there are many times when I have been critical of someone because of their motives...but oh, that Christ were magnified...that should be by aim! Praise God anytime the name of Christ is exalted.

There are days when we are still drowning in the whole adopted child syndrome. I read a post from a friend in Africa yesterday that described her day. She was referring to the child as one with 2 that is still an orphan and one that is an adopted child fighting the orphan. I could totally relate and understand. I think that is what we deal with on a daily basis....former orphans who crave and desire this life that they are in but still fight the orphan flesh.

Aren't we the same way? I crave intimacy with God and hear Him calling to me as soon as my eyes open in the morning. He calls me to come and spend time in His presence. The flesh wants to take a shower, go for a walk, clean the house, prepare breakfast....but He calls. The battle ensues...the heavenly vs. the worldly. It's a constant fight to focus on eternity.

Even just now I put down the computer for a while to hold a waking little girl. It is far more important that I snuggle, reassure, love and cuddle with her than telling anyone else about the lessons God is teaching me. She is the lesson. I am the student. He is the Teacher.

I must admit that it is really easier to focus on God today as I know my hubby comes home in 33 hours (yes, I am counting). God's design for the home is for both of us to be parents. It is refreshing to know that it will happen soon! But, my delight is in the Lord and the power of His name.

Praising God for His lessons and His calling....let the battle begin today.

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Mary Lee Griffith said...

I appreciated this post, Sheryl. Even though I was adopted at birth, I can identify. I still fight the orphan flesh from time to time - especially in expecting rejecting or abandonment, or in the battle with self-rejection. But the truth of God always puts me back on the right track - it just sometimes takes me awhile to accept and absorb it. It has to be much tougher with those who experienced true abandonment and deprivation. I think it's awesome you have embraced these precious children and I know they are extremely blessed to have you and J.T. as parents and to have your older girls as big sisters. God bless.