Monday, September 12, 2011

Soccer Time

Jett has been a Turner for almost 4 years now....and well, he has added a lot of energy and spice to our family. With 2 girls for a long time, we knew a life of sitting still to do homework, reading books in an upright position, and hanging clothes up neatly in the closet. Not so with's more like a 3 ring circus all the time.

I can't keep up with Jett. He is literally ALWAYS moving. It is nothing to send him upstairs to do something and he comes back within 3 seconds having already done it. He is fast...and faster. He never sits still unless he's asleep. We have spelling time on the mini-trampoline and reading is consistently done upside down on the couch or spinning in the floor. He is a ball of energy.

So, we decided to use that energy in a way that would benefit Jett the We were blessed to get on a team at Briarwood with several of our friends from church. Jett is VERY excited about that...the girls on the team - not so much. But, he is loving being a part of a team. And, we are excited to see how God uses Jett's soccer abilities for His glory!

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