Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why not Poppa?

It was a typical Monday although we had friends from Atlanta visiting. So, One Way Academy was still going to proceed as usual despite the storms from the night before (many of our friends were without power and had no school). It was still raining which caused a deep desire to sleep the morning away. However, with 7 kids in the house, that was not to be.

So, we started school, and the "littles" (Zeke, Elly and their friend Nondu) were eager to finish and play. For about an hour they played inside....then, I could hear them from the schoolroom begging their Poppas to let them play outside. This went on for a while...just pure begging.... Then, their Poppas had a revelation....why not? They had played outside when they were all in Africa...surely, they played in the rain. So, as Poppas do, they let them go outside and play in the rain.

The kids had a great time, and all we had to do was wash a few clothes. Seriously, that's it. Why do I seek to avoid the additional work instead of allowing them the freedom to dance in the rain? Oh, for the love of children!

We did get a little insight from Zeke after playing in the rain. He told us about a time that he got locked in his house all day in Uganda. It made me very sad for him, but it was a new story that we had not heard. We reassured him of our love for him and that we are here to love him forever. We are grateful that he felt safe enough to share a little.....

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baileysonmission said...

If only we could learn to play in the rain when life rains on our spirits! We would truly come to Him as little children do then!