Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What is Good?

What is good? Is there anything in me that is good? NO, ABOLUTELY NOT! The only good you see in me is Jesus Christ alone! Everything else you see in my life - impatience, anger, bitterness, hasty words, unkind words, resentment, etc. - they are the real me. I am tempted and give in to the temptation of the enemy every day. I am unworthy.

But, I know ONE who is worthy of all the praise and honor and glory forever! He lives within me, and any good you see in me is from HIM alone. Anytime God allows me to truly care for another person or to give Him honor or to serve someone else, it is HIM in me.

My flesh desires what is worldly, but His love is stronger than my flesh. He reminds me daily (minute by minute) that He is Sovereign and in charge. He is worthy of all that I have, all that I am, and all that I do.

Today I am reminded of the fact that He is faithful inspite of who I am. No matter what I have chosen, done or not done, He alone has directed my steps. When I have been faithless, He has shown Himself faithful EVERY time. Praise His name for His faithfulness!

How has God showed Himself faithful to you today?

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