Saturday, January 28, 2012


In 2005 our home was rebuilt after a fire that destroyed most of what we owned. It was devastating. The hardest part was NOT the rebuild but the demolition. We had to watch our home be destroyed so that it could be rebuilt.

In the same fashion, God is rebuilding our family right now. Our physical bodies. For years we have created a sinful lifestyle of overeating, gluttony, pride, shame/guilt, lack of exercise and self-discipline. November of this past year brought us to a breaking point. JT and I both began sensing that God was telling us to stop. So, we did and we prayed for wisdom and discernment in how to tackle this monumental task.

Behold, God sent a friend who just happen to tell us about an eating plan, the 17 day diet by Dr. Moreno, that seemed to fit our lives. When my friend Debra mentioned it, she commented, "I can do anything for 17 days." It struck a chord with me, and I bought the book. We slowly began reading it and adjusting our lives. We even stuck with it over the Christmas holidays.

Then we began an exercise program to learn how to run distances. That has been VERY hard. Our age and our lack of exercise has led us to a point where everything we do is a chore. We are reaping the consequences of our sin.

But, God has shown us so much about ourselves. Just today my friend Amanda M. mentioned that we are rebuilding our temples...that thought rang in my head. Yes! That's exactly what we are doing. We are allowing God to demolish all of the sin, the consequences, the shame/guilt and to rebuild what He desires in its place.

It is painful. It is shameful. But, it is glorious and it is good. For every bite of food I put in my mouth...for every step I take in exercise...may it be to His glory and His fame.

I dare not write any of this for public viewing as this will hold me even more accountable. But I NEED it people...please ask me what I'm eating, how I'm exercising...I NEED the Biblical community in this battle. The enemy keeps telling me to stop and that there is no need. But, God reminds me that He is greater and He has a greater plan.

Please join me in honoring God with our rebuilt temples.

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Sandy said...

That is awesome and brought me to tears! I was teaching little people at church when I was convicted by my weight! Your body is temple, it is not your own, it was bought with a price, so honor God with your body! I struggle to teach the lesson all month. When I let go and Let God! He brought me to the place I am know! I went through Celebrate Recovery for a food addiction after my gastric bypass! I love your story!!! I pray for your journey! I need to join you! I still struggle with what I put in my mouth!