Friday, April 27, 2012

Fail but not failure

We went on vacation and had the time of our lives. It was glorious...seriously...just plain glorious! Then, we return to the real world where 5 people are constantly calling my name, I must wash my own dishes, actually pay for meals and laundry will not stop calling my name. And this is how my week started.

Not to be outdone on Monday morning, I tried to get up early and get a head start on all of the bills, paperwork and emails that were piling higher and higher on my desk. I have a hard time doing anything else knowing that there is so much work to be done. So I organized it all into neat piles and whittled down the emails to a manageable few hundred.... I did not run in the morning as I usually do (as a side note, I REALLY like and prefer running in the dark when it's cooler...). So I had to get my exercise in somehow.

I figured out a plan...I'll run while the girls were in piano in a nearby neighborhood. I've never scoped this place out for running but I'm fairly certain that it will be flat (first mistake). Second, I'll be running in the afternoon and surely it'll still be cooler (second mistake). As soon as my girls stepped out of the van, I got out too with appropriate running attire and earphones in. I stretched in our piano teacher's yard and headed in what seemed like a flat direction (third mistake). I definitely didn't stretch long enough (fourth mistake). Did I mention that I'm somewhat directionally challenged? I can get lost in my own neighborhood, and right/left are not exactly my forte. If you are ever riding with me and need to give directions, please point. If you point one way and say the other way, I'll go in the direction that you are pointing. You have been warned.

It was not a good run but I managed to get back to the van (praise Jesus). And, it was my fastest time for a 5K yet...32 minutes and 12 seconds. I congratulated myself and made a note that I will break 30 eventually. I ran a 5K again on Tuesday was just okay.

Tuesday afternoon came along, and JT and I had volunteered to help a friend with her students' projects at Samford. It was a fitness say I was under prepared is a severe understatement. We both came home moaning and groaning. And my runs since then have been PITIFUL. I have barely run at all. I tried a track at a local park (again in the afternoon when I was overdressed and there were some huge distractions), and then I tried our neighborhood yesterday. My brother asked me why it was so bad, and all I could say was this..."There are a ton of reasons, but they are all just excuses. I have no idea." So, I figure that I've somehow gotten a little "off" in my running and I have failed several days in a row. My eating has still been right on target, but I'm VERY disappointed in my running. That being said, I'm going to take a 3 day break from running and get back to it at 5:00 Monday morning.

Why will I continue to run? Because God told me to run. I've failed time and time again, but I'm not a failure. I'm a child of the King who paid a dear price for my life. I am indebted to Him forever. I will run because He told me to. I will fail again, but I will continue to try. He pursues me endlessly, and I cannot outrun Him. Praise His Holy name!

The photo at the top of the post was taken by our friend, Allison Lewis. She's amazing and you should hire her. She's probably already booked up, but here's the link just in case she can squeeze you in:

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