Monday, May 20, 2013

I Cried on Vacation

School is out and we decided to take the whole family to Atlanta for a homeschool convention...I can get our new curriculum, learn from some veterans and meet up with many friends. Plus a little mini vacation for us before the hectic summer begins. Win/win for everyone. Now some of you, okay, many of you do not homeschool..this is STILL for you. It involves my HUGE mistake as a parent in teaching my kids. I hope I am the only one who is in this boat, but I have a funny feeling that I am not.

One session caught my eye, “How to teach the highly distractible child.” Yes, please. After girls who sat so politely in their desks and did their work quickly and efficiently and correctly, it was a little surprise to see the difference in boys. And, I am not one who handled it well or with grace or mercy or kindness.....

In fact, I’ve struggled daily with teaching boys who seem to fall out of their chairs every five minutes, constantly move around, and can’t seem to be still for more than two minutes at a time (unless they are doing something they truly enjoy). So, this session opened with this statement, “If you have ever said to your kid, ‘Son, get down off the refrigerator and get back to work,’ then you are in the right place.” I knew I was going to learn something. And, I did.

More than anything else, I was convicted through the teaching that I have made one of my children feel stupid (please note that we don’t use that word in our house because children have a tendency not to use the word in the correct context and use it liberally to describe people). I have failed my child, my children. And I am the teacher. If one of my students doesn’t understand the lesson, the responsibility lies with me. So I need to change my approach.

I sat in the session and laughed and cried and came under conviction. Which was good. I needed to hear the wisdom of someone who has walked this road before. I was desperate to hear from the Lord in this area where I have failed time and time again. God’s discipline of my heart and mind was needed, and it was good.

I am thankful that He has set my heart in a new direction in this area of school. Please pray that God would continue to teach me and mold me into the teacher He desires!

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Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Can't wait to hear some of your ideas to try!!