Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm done for a while...

The end. Thank you all very much.

It's been a busy year for us around here, and we've made some significant progress with our youngest two children. Strides are being made all over the place. And..this Momma is T-I-R-E-D.

Elly has frequently come to the breakfast table lately quoting the one line from Duck Dynasty that she remembers: "My un-dees is wet and I'm TIRED!" I feel the same way...except not the wet underwear.

I need a break from the electronic world, and my kids need my undivided attention. We have arranged our schedule so that JT is only gone for 4 1/2 weeks this summer, and I am eternally grateful. What a blessing.

So, I will be signing off the blog for the summer unless something just outstanding happens...and there MAY be big news around that time anyway...we shall see. I'll update Facebook occasionally as I remember something funny or entertaining. But, I think I shall spend time cherishing these moments in my heart.

More one on one conversations and less Mommy on the computer. More questions and listening, less "uh-huh" and "go play outside until I'm finished." More snuggles and less housework. More time in God's Word and less mindless meetings and emails. More swimming in the pool with friends and less sitting at my desk. More dancing, less washing dishes. Just more, more, more. And, less of the stuff that doesn't matter.

More of this:

And this:

And yes, more of this too:

I love you all. My main ministry is right here, right now. And I will give it all I have.

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