Monday, November 11, 2013

Running Free

The old mare ain't what she used to be...that's how I feel these days. Just a year ago, I was preparing to run my first half marathon. And it was scary. And awesome. All at the same time!

Since my shoulder injury and surgery, I haven't been able to run. Pushing my elbow backwards in any form (even the little bit required for box jumps) is excruciating. It pretty much took me to my knees pre-surgery. Now it's improving but still not where it needs to be. But, I can run again. And now I think I will.

We are signed up to run the half-marathon in a two person relay this time so I will only have to run 6.6 miles. I am NOWHERE near that right now. I got on the treadmill this morning...side story...JT wasn't home from Crossfit with Kaitlyn, and Madison is sick, so I did NOT want to leave the house without a lead dog. So, the treadmill was my option. I did open the exterior door which let in plenty of cooler air. Meanwhile, the paranoid side of me pulled out a marine cooler and placed it in front of said make sure no small rodents or snakes got it. And, in case the cat from next door or a deer or a bird was to come by and hop in, I closed the interior door to the house..make sense? Sure, it does. Now, moving on. I ran 2 minutes and walked one minute for 3.1 miles. I thought I might die. Several times. It was hard. But, I finished.

I like to run...WHEN IT'S OVER! The idea of running has always appealed to me, but my body doesn't understand that it should enjoy the fresh air, the freedom, the exercise. Nope. My body revolts. My feet hurt. Breathing is hard. But, it's my mind that fights the MOST. My brain starts thinking about quitting as soon as I start. Excuses overflow. I have to rely fully on the Holy Spirit to keep going. This, my friend, is a task not easily undertaken. I literally battle the flesh with every step I take.

My body needs to run for the exercise. I love Crossfit...LOVE. I love my morning crew. They challenge and encourage me. The exercises make me stronger and develop endurance. But, I have to run too. For my weight alone, my body needs to run.

With a 5K in December, in which both of my younger brothers are running, I seek NOT to embarrass myself. I would love to finish close to 30 (idealistically under 30) but this is slow going these days. Please help to hold me accountable for running. I need to run 2-3 times a week just to get back to normal again. And I need to run faster...a lot faster. I will seek to run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The weekly runs will be 3.1 while the Saturday run will be longer (beginning with 4 miles and increasing). PLEASE text me, message me or just ask me in person how the running is going. I NEED IT!

Thank you all for helping me to get back into running shape!

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Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Proud of you! Cooler thing makes me laugh!