Monday, October 27, 2014

Running with an attitude

As soon as our day begins, I can sense the attitudes of our various children. This past week I tried to observe in detail so that I wouldn't miss the lesson for me...

One came down the steps with a smile on her face ready for a good morning hug. The two boys bounded down the steps, skipping every other one, and made their grand entrance. One checked the garbage and threw his hands up in relief that it wasn't in need of being taken out. He celebrates not working. The other begins to set the table and looks like he is still asleep. He sets out 7 napkins but only 6 forks. Some people get vitamins and others do not. I have to remind him several times of some key things he is missing. He gently wakes up during the process. Another kid comes to the table completely exhausted which seems to be a typical day around here. And the final one comes in sucking her thumb and asking to be held. We like to call her "milk it" because she tends to be a bit dramatic to get what she wants.

Their personalities shine through in the early morning hours, and it is easy to see what the day will be like for all of us. Inevitably, someone is not having his/her best day, and we all know it. I want to yell, "If you would just have a good attitude and focus your thoughts eternally, your day would be so much better!" And, God gently reminds me of my stinky attitude even earlier in the day.

Running is going well in that I am doing it. That's about all I can say. My attitude is still in need of some serious adjustment. I tend to think negatively, harshly and just stinkily when I'm running. I want to stop. Quit. Give up. Uugh. It is frustrating and overwhelming. And IF I WOULD JUST FOCUS MY THOUGHTS ON ETERNITY AND THE THINGS OF GOD, my run would go so much better! It's like one of our pastors said a while ago, "I need to preach the Gospel daily to myself lest I forget my need for a Savior!" Oh, how I need to just preach the Gospel to myself and keep going. Pressing on for the prize that lies ahead.

Please join me in refocusing my heart and mind in ways that honor and glorify the Lord above all else. And, if you will, ask the Lord to change my attitude for my good and His great glory!

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