Monday, March 16, 2015

Just logging miles

That's all I'm doing these days in regard to exercise...logging miles. And I'm seeing improvements SLOWLY. In fact, I saw a shirt at a race recently that said, "I may be as slow as a turtle running through molasses, but I run!" I think I'll adopt that mantra.

Since the half marathon debacle in November where I felt like I totally failed, a regrouping had to occur. There was a "come to Jesus" meeting involving me and well...Jesus. A realistic plan was developed, and with the exception of only ONE day, I have finished each and every workout. And I must state that the one day was a weather day where our gym didn't open during the early morning hours, and we had a doctor's appointment that afternoon with one of our kids that lasted 3 hours, and I just never made it around to the gym. And heaven forbid if my body is asked to exercise later in the day...because...major revolution people!

That's one aspect of running I've discovered. I NEED to run early in the morning and generally without any food and only 6-8 oz of water in me. Otherwise, it does not go well. Maybe that's a mental barrier...I'm still working on that!

I'm now running a pace run every Monday, and easier run on Wednesdays, a regular run on Fridays and a long run on Saturday. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for cross-training (which has kicked my tail, by the way). Mileage this week will be 18 or so I think. But here's the bottom line...I'm running. I'm following the schedule that has set up for me and it is working. I'm improving daily although it's a snail's pace!

This past week I ran with an old friend and a new one. I was scared because their pace is faster than mine, and I didn't want to slow them down. And do you KNOW what they do WHILE they run? They each other. That simply quickens the pace by another 30 seconds to a minute per mile because it takes more oxygen to talk...I do not know that to be true but it sure felt like it! I have to improve my endurance to run with them. But that talking thing sure does help the time to pass more quickly!

This week I will be running in Mexico for our 25th wedding anniversary trip. I'm in much better shape now than when we got married although I weighed less then. I eat healthier. I go to the gym or run outside 6 days a week. I take care of 6 other people and run a household. So, I consider myself to be much healthier!

For the sake of the Gospel and taking it to the nations in such a way that brings Him the greatest glory, I will continue to run. The goal is still in sight...a full marathon. And maybe I'll get some half marathons in along the way! Thank you all for encouraging me and supporting keep me going!

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