Monday, February 13, 2012

I Talk to Bread

Saturday night we celebrated my birthday a day early with some very dear friends of ours from Georgia. These friends are people that I entrust with my life and dear brothers and sisters in Christ. They have journeyed beside us through times filled with laughs and through times showered with tears. They are a vital part of our Biblical community.

As we sat at the table at an Italian restaurant, I perused the menu to find one of three or four things that I knew I could eat (looking at the nutritional information online is a MUST these days to prepare for this situation). I chose a chicken dish with a little cheese (goat cheese), sundried tomatoes and green beans. Oh, and a salad....I specifically asked for a salad with only things from the garden. Did I inwardly laugh when the waitress asked if celery grew in a garden? Yes, a little. I had to specifically tell her what did not grow in a garden...cheese, croutons, etc. And, I smiled a little knowing that I had made a wise choice although it was really hard.

THEN, it happened. That same waitress (who by now is clearly trying to sabotage all of the teaching, training and learning I've done over the past eleven weeks) brought bread to our table. Not just one basket of bread but four! And, where did she sit TWO of the baskets....right in front of me. With all of the people at the table, why did she set those in front of me? I ask you...why?

As people began to quickly devour the bread, I had to take a deep breath and remember why I am doing what I am doing. God has commanded it. Period. It's not my opinion or my preference. It's what He is demanding of me...and I submit.

I pick up one of the baskets and uncover the delicousness that lay inside. I spoke aloud, "I love Jesus more than I love you." I set the bread right back down. There, I did it...I talked to the bread. And, I was reminded that Jesus is the Bread of Life. He WILL sustain me when I think I cannot go on. He WILL persevere when I cannot and want to quit.

One of my friends who has held me accountable and been on this journey with me was at that restaurant. Thankfully she sat right across from me. She ordered a salad with eggplant and artichokes. Her sweet hubby ordered salmon with green beans. We could smell the pasta and sauces everywhere. Yet, God's calling and command were louder. What a joy to have a friend who can sympathize and understand the struggle. For Dave and inspire me and challenge me. You have encouraged us in the Word in living this way. We are eternally grateful for you.

For those of you who have read the blog and know my struggle with eating healthy and exercising, thank you for your constant emails and texts and messages that have shown me I am not alone. I have found great encouragement from all of you. I have begun to spend some of the time I have running in prayer for you. As I struggle I know that many of you struggle too. So I no longer run just for me and my health...I am running so that I can continue this struggle and see victory over it. I run for you to run one day too (or ride or stretch or whatever you are called to do). I will keep running...with God's amazing grace to press me down and push me onward.


Sandy said...

Love you girl! This is my day 1!! When coworker got to the office first thing he did was walk up to my desk and handed me 2 little Debbie snack cakes shaped like hearts!! Seriously?? Day 1 and Satan is attacking hard and heavy!! Talk to that bread sister!! This will not defeat me! Thanks for your encouragement and support! I may have to come live with you if my family does not curb the carbs in the house!! I feel like I am walking in a mind field daily!!

Giann said...

Good for you!! I talk to food too! :)