Monday, July 16, 2012

Back to work....

I've been out of commission for two weeks now with absolutely no exercising. In fact, the first week I was on complete bed rest except for trips to the bathroom and the doctor. Last week I was able to get up more but still required a nap EVERY day (due to the fact that I am not sleeping all night yet). But, the doctor has released me to begin walking again. After a few weeks he says I can start to run again! Woo-hoo!

I probably need to clarify...I do NOT feel like doing anything. I am in still in some pain though it doesn't prohibit from doing normal tasks. It's just uncomfortable and distracting. I want to stay in bed all day or just sit in the recliner. However, I know that I must get up and become active.

So, a plan is needed. Why? Because I really, really enjoy a plan...and marking things off a list is a pretty good thing too. It might make me a little giddy. I'll put something on my to do list just to mark it off (even after I've done it), so I'm all about a plan! So, this is the system I have developed for my get-back-to-running status!

I dare to put this in writing in order to be accountable to my friends and family. I need people to ask me how I am doing in this area. But additionally, I know that I may or may not have to change this plan based on how my body is reacting. I hope that my recovery speeds up and this goes even faster than I thought. Reality is that it may not, and I may have to slow down. I am preparing myself for either way!

Week of 7/17 - Walk 1 mile a day for 4 days (with my husband out of town and my older girls in protective mode, especially Safety Patrol, I'll be doing this on the treadmill)

Week of 7/24 - Walk 2 miles a day for 4 days (on the treadmill for 2 days, outside for 2 days)

Week of 7/30 - Walk 3.1 miles a day for 4 days (walking with someone in the family outside every day)

Week of 8/6 - Begin training for 5K in September with the Jeff Galloway app on my phone

Friends, does this seem reasonable to you? What are your thoughts? I need all the advice/wisdom/input I can get!

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