Monday, July 9, 2012

A change in plans....

Surgery...I haven't mentioned it publicly because it was really something that I don't feel comfortable discussing. So, that's all the information I'm giving on that. I had surgery on July 3rd and came home to six wonderful caretakers. They have been at my bedside every half hour with something to drink, entertainment, food and encouragement.

Since JT would only be home for 11 days after the surgery, we would need some help. Biblical community to the rescue. My friend, Lora, set up a meal schedule so that we wouldn't have to concern ourselves with cooking each night. What a HUGE blessing! Never underestimate the help that a good meal brings to this family!

I am humbled and so grateful for friends and family who have texted, sent emails, made a meal, etc. to show us their love. I am overwhelmed. Saying thanks is just not enough!

My fear before and after surgery has been the same...that I will get used to not exercising at all and fall back into lazy patterns. My eating has stayed consistent, but my body just wants to do nothing. Please pray that God would give me endurance to exercise and the patience to know that it will take a while to return to running like before. I am trusting in Him to be faithful just as He says. I know that He will sustain me!

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