Monday, December 3, 2012

Panic and a plan

I stepped onto the scale and saw the numbers...163.7. No, that cannot be. I tried again. Same numbers. Uh-oh. When did that happen, and how did it go unnoticed? Panic set in. This was the scene in my bathroom this morning.

I gathered my running clothes and hit the pavement. Madison and Jett went with me...I think we might have run a little faster than usual. It was only a 5K (hearing myself say "only a 5K" is a bit ironic considering where I was a year ago). We were all a little winded but felt the "good tired" when we returned.

While I was running I processed those numbers on that scale....wait, I could NOT have possibly gained that much weight (15 lbs) in three days. And, my clothes still fit. Those numbers do not define me but are an indicator of how well I am eating and exercising. No need to panic...something must be off.

Just as quickly as I had panicked, I was back in that bathroom rechecking my eyesight and the scale's accuracy. Sure enough, the number was NOT the was correct this time...fifteen pounds lighter. I had apparently bumped the scale when I moved it to its rightful place the first time...oops. All that worry over a silly error.

The scenario made me aware of just how quickly everything can change. I can EASILY go back to my old ways. I am tempted daily to indulge and not to exercise. People said it would get easier, but it has is still a battle every single hour to honor the Lord with my physical body.

With the holidays here and being surrounded by temptations (not here but elsewhere), I have a plan to sustain my weight. I would LOVE to go into the new year at this weight...and be able to say for THE FIRST TIME IN 25 YEARS, "I want to continue to be healthy this year." I will NOT have to say, "I want to lose weight." Hallelujah - praise the Lord!

The plan is to continue to run and prepare for another half-marathon in February (this one with Kaitlyn). Every afternoon/evening, I will insert another 30 minutes of activity, whether just walking, playing with the kids, stretching, treadmill hills, etc. Just something to burn another 100-200 calories a day. That will refocus my mind and help me to stay the course. I am only doing this during December to ward off the temptations and to be able to indulge a little!

What's your plan for keeping the weight away during the Christmas season???


Amy said...

This was a crazy post! I worried too and thankfully I read fast. But my sister reminded me the other day that the more muscle we build, the more we will weigh. That was good advice. I am determined to do "Shred" in the afternoons. I need strength training and will hopefully help me resist temptation too. I love you! I'm so proud of you...

Anonymous said...

you challenge and encourage me so much!!! i have really been struggling lately with being healthier and exercising. it is a minute by minute battle in my mind. i think you need to do a class or write a book or something. i told casey the other day i needed to go live with you so i can get in shape and loose weight;). thanks for sharing your journey!
stephanie allums

Sheryl said...

Oh sweet Amy, you are always an encouragement to sharpen me well!

And Stephanie, I totally hear you. It is VERY hard with two little boys at home...especially with all that cuteness around your house! You should hop over here anytime you want!