Monday, September 16, 2013

An Irritating Injury

And I'm gonna get me one of these so the ice can stay on longer!

Since last summer I have had a nagging injury in my right shoulder. It began as a muscle pain on the back side of my shoulder right below my neck. A wonderful massage therapist helped me to feel better, and two weeks between visits was working. Computer work seemed to irritate it immensely so I tried to limit the time on emails. Then, the fall happened, and I had to return to a chiropractor as it began to get worse.

Over the course of the winter, spring and now summer, the pain has just progressively gotten worse...and worse..and worse. For the past month it has become so intense at times that I cannot sleep. It burns and aches and stabs and throbs. The pain seems most intense after a shower and changing clothes (due to raising it over my head repeatedly) as well as driving. Now, it is more irritating and frustrating than ever.

So, on Thursday the ortho doc looked at it, declared I had several bone spurs and gave me a cortisone shot. If it's not better by Monday, come back for an MRI he declared. So, guess what I am waiting to do today? Make an appointment for an MRI. Yuck! This is not fun...of course, life is not always fun so I'm not sure why I (or anyone else) says that. It is an annoyance that I do not have time for these days. But, it is here, and now I have to deal with it.

How do I take care of my family and handle this as well? I have NO idea. But I DO KNOW THIS: God is not surprised by this injury, and He has a plan. His plan is NEVER to hold us at arm's length but to always draw us closer. Thought I don't understand I will trust. I trust that He will be true to His promises and will show Himself faithful. I will rest in that today.

I will not try and figure this out or make a plan for how it should go. I will wait. I will wait. I will wait.

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