Monday, September 9, 2013

Wilderness Living

I’m in a wilderness people. And some days are really good...I can see where I’m headed and yearn to get there. Then there are days that I don’t understand God’s plan and keep asking if I’m hearing him correctly. Ever been there? Of course you have!(Side note...the picture above is from our family vacation this summer...I can't find a wilderness one that fits...)

I packed up my computer at the end of the school year and took a break from blogging. I wanted this summer to be more about our family time and enjoying one another. By the end of it, my older girls were counting down the days until they would see their friends every Thursday.

We had an awesome summer...swimming in the pool, mission trips, playing with friends, more swimming in the pool, cookouts, sleeping in, pool, sleeping in some more, and swimming. I’m not sure if I am communicating how much time we spent in the pool, but suffice it to say, I have washed more beach towels and lathered more sunscreen on bodies than I ever imagined possible. And I loved it. It was good.

In the meantime I let eating habits slip more than I would care to admit. Crossfit was a daily routine (except on vacation) and running took a back seat. Since school began a few weeks ago, running has picked back up and eating habits are back on track. I have gained a few pounds, and well, they need to GO!

But back to the’s this pain in my shoulder you see. Many of you just made a huffy breath, so stick with me here. I’ve had a pain in my shoulder for over a year. I have gone to a massage therapist, and it was better. Working on the computer or some exercises made it hurt but it was manageable. At the beginning of the summer, the pain seemed more intense and I occasionally had to take pain relievers (those who know me well know that I do NOT take medicine...not because I’m opposed but just from a painful growing up experience). I have seen a chiropractor fairly often and recently saw my regular physician.

Now, the pain is taking a toll on my daily life. It hurts when I run. It hurts when I work out. It hurts when I’m sitting or standing. It just hurts all the time. I’m waking up 4-5 times a night. It is annoying and irritating and frustrating. I NEED to work out. And I need to do everyday tasks (wash clothes, shut doors, get dressed, brush my hair), but it hurts so badly.

I’m frustrated because I don’t have answers. Meanwhile, God keeps reminding me to spend MORE time in His Word. Even in pain He’s the One to run spend time KNOWING Him more than focusing on the pain. It feels like a wilderness but He is teaching me to be content in it. He will provide answers in His time.

Meanwhile, I’m back for now. We will see how long my arm can hold out. What’s bothering you today or hindering you? How can I pray for you friends? Please let me know...I love you all!

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