Monday, February 24, 2014

Lessons from the airport (and how girls need to put on clothes)

My first time on an airplane was in 1982 as a scared twelve year old. The flight lasted a whopping 30 minutes from Atlanta to Birmingham. My grandmother passed away unexpected while I was at a cheerleading camp, and my coach put me on a plane. I don’t recall a lot about that experience except the feeling of unabated fright!

Fast forward thirty two years and my flying experiences have increased greatly. Across the United States and around the world…what an adventure this life has been. Smooth flights, terrifying flights and everything in between. Along the way I have learned that the airport is the perfect place to observe life and to make applications that are far-reaching.

1. People tend to see the world from a self-centered viewpoint. Walking through a crowd without even glancing up from a screen. Looking others in the eye while practically yelling on a headset. Sitting in a waiting area with over 200 other people and never speaking a word…at all.
2. It is easy to avoid others and have no contact. Newspapers. Magazines. Work projects. Computers. Telephones. It’s like self-service lines at Walmart - you can walk in, get everything you need for the week, check yourself out and never even talk to another human being.
3. Modesty is as unique as marriages that have lasted for 50 years. Even in colder climates. And, leggings/tights/hose are NOT pants.
4. People are busy. Too busy.
5. Gratefulness is just as outdated and unheard of as modesty in airports. The airline agents, vendors and personnel see the very worst of people. And most of them can’t do a thing about it.

I am always reminded that there is more to life than busy-ness, electronics, and myself when I’m in an airport. Just yesterday, I had a lovely conversation with Ann Brown from Michigan. She had just finished taking her son to visit Liberty University. Ann is a believer and has 5 kids too…it was clearly appointed by God for us to meet and encourage one another. I am beyond thankful that God allowed me to meet her. I could have just as easily missed it.

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