Monday, July 7, 2014

Changes, Changes Everywhere

With school starting in only four weeks, it seems like the summer has flown by…and it has. Trips to New Mexico and Guatemala, catching fireflies in the evening, swimming, spending time with friends and lots of running have occupied the summer of 2014 for us. And we are grateful. It has been good.

Looking to the next year brings a range of emotions that I haven’t had to deal with in quite a while because change is a-comin’! And change has never been my forte or strength. In fact, I love routine and organization and plans…LOVE them, like hang on tight and never let go love them! But, my passion for those things has been slowly stripped away and I can see that they are often idols in my life. So, change is about to be my middle name…

Our first born child will be heading to college this time next year. I can still remember her as a toddler, strong and determined. I hear her playing hide-and-seek and yelling, “Here me am!” I recall a 9 year old barreling down the stairs in stripes and plaids and polka dots that in no way matched because she wanted to show her independence. And now I see a passionate, artsy, encouraging young woman who is always ready to try something new and loves people.

The next child in line has been sick off and on for a while (it will be two years this September). Though for a while we thought she was struggling with asthma and allergies, we have seen new symptoms lately. And yes, we have tried every single medicine prescribed, herbs, oils, diets, exercise/no exercise, etc. known to mankind. Recently, she underwent some additional testing and had blood work. Thus, we will be seeing a rheumatologist in August and hopefully be headed in the direction of a diagnosis and treatment.

School for the 2014-2015 year will include many changes for our younger three as well. New reading, language arts, Latin and spelling curriculum. What does that mean? It means that Momma has a lot of learning to do! I’m excited for the changes but basically, it means that I’m starting over. And I’m too old to be doing that. But, for the sake of the kids, I don’t really have another choice! With the older two working independently, it just leaves me and the younger kids. So, a new schedule, new curriculum and a new learning curve. We will survive…hopefully.

Do you feel me? I am feeling like life is just up in the air, and I have no control. Which is TRUE. It is true for all of us. We are not in control, and if we think we are, we are fooling ourselves. This life is not our own. It belongs to God and to Him alone. He created us for His purposes. He does not need us but desires to use us FOR His great glory!

I am laying it all down at the feet of the Almighty who is sovereign over all. He is not surprised by my emotions and fears and challenges. He knows them. He loves me, and He wants what is best for me (which generally involves some kind of pain in order to get to where He desires for me to be). So, I hang on for the ride and know that He is trustworthy. He is good, and He is to be praised. Blessed be His name!

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