Monday, March 12, 2012

Beans for your birthright?

Many moons ago I sat in a group of students at a camp one summer. A local drama group was on stage performing "Beans for your birthright?" It was a modern day rendition of Jacob and Esau that dealt with sacrificing purity for momentary pleasure. "I've got this," I thought. "I'm totally staying pure until marriage." And I did. But, how many times have I given up my God-given body for a bowl of beans? Too many to count.

Many, many, many times. I have sacrificed the glory of God (remember that He tells us to honor Him with our bodies) for my pleasure alone. I have chosen chocolate over the Creator. I have given in to junk food instead of Jehovah. Milkshakes over the Mighty One. Ice Cream above the Immutable King. You get the idea.

When given the choice (and even when NOT given the choice), I have selected the unholy over the Holy! I must run to Him and Him alone. I do not trust myself to make right choices...yet. When I am presented a menu in a restaurant, I will inevitably choose the unhealthiest food item in spite of the fact that I think I'm choosing something good. So, I must RELY on HIM alone. I must use the knowledge and wisdom He gives me (through others who are living healthy lifestyles, His Word, etc) to make decisions...not rely on me at all!

What are you sacrificing today? Are you choosing God's ways or your own? Do you seek Him for what He wants you to eat and do today?

As I was running this week I was praying that God would allow me to speak truth to a friend who struggles in the same areas as me. Then He reminded me that I didn't want to hear or listen to anyone who would've pointed out the sins in my life...gluttony, pride, apathy, etc. I literally said (and yes, I realize this is absurd NOW), "God, if you don't use me, how will he/she know?" God said, "I've already spoken in my Word." Yes Lord, you have. You are right, and You are holy. You spoke in Your Word and I ignored it. I explained that away. I didn't want to apply that part to my life. Lord, forgive me.

I have, for too long, chosen a bowl of food over the Father. I do not want momentary pleasure instead of the plans of my Savior. I choose the birthright. What do you choose?

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